…many people seem to imagine that a stained-glass window is nothing of the kind unless some over-good-looking young saint is depicted in bathing drawers and half-an-inch of water.’
- Ronald Firbank

Anonymous asked:

your likeness is more striking than the portrait; it would be desirable to see more of it.

It looks as if it was the only self portrait he did.
However it has got me thinking about my ancestry and the ‘Roman’ look of dark hair and large, dark eyes my maternal family have

'The habit of putting glass over an oil painting,' she murmured, 'makes always such a good reflection, particularly when the picture's dark. Many's the time I've run into the National Gallery on my way to the Savoy and tidied myself before the Virgin of the Rocks… .'
- Ronald Firbank




Allegri’s “Miserere” starts out from the sequence of roof shots, which carefully glides onto the slowly distancing closeup of Clive.
-Have you been alright?
-Have you?
-You wrote that you were.
The highest note of the progression is being hit after that line. Maurice’s hand flow through Clive’s hair is careful as the chorus’s voices reveal the embarking melancholy: Wash me thoroughly from my wickedness and cleanse me from my sin.”

This breathtakingly insightful moment gives me chills every time.

Everything about this film is just perfect.